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The TDI Stage Cave diver is the final course in the cave diving continuum. It expands on the knowledge gained in the Full Cave course and adds new topics, such as extended penetrations made possible with multiple stages, deep diving etc. A diver that completes this course is certified to conduct just about any cave diving they wish with penetration distances up to 1/3 of as many cylinders as the diver puts into the cave.

Over the duration of the course, you will be educated on advanced gas planning for dives with at least 4 cylinders and requiring decompression. 

Our instructors are leaders in the industry, with all of them being experienced cave divers, with worldwide cave diving experience and some of our instructors are Full Cave Instructor Evaluators, meaning they can assess and certify cave diving instructors which is the highest cave diving instructor rating TDI has. This means you will be taught by instructors who are professional, full-time cave diving instructors, not someone that does it as a hobby a couple of times a year. This means you will be taught the latest techniques, the most current standards and in the most innovative ways.


TDI is the world's largest and most widely recognised cave diving agency in the world. You can be sure that wherever you travel to cave dive, your certification will be recognised and respected as one of the best. Reef2Ridge has an international reputation for producing high-quality divers at all levels, and our instructors travel regularly to ensure they show the world the quality of training offered here. 

We don't believe in teaching to the minimum standards and put the extra effort in to ensure you have a broad range of skills and techniques to get yourself out of trouble if it comes your way. Any diver can swim into a cave, pass a few intersections, but it's when they turn around and see the silt, or lose the line that they will run into problems, big problems. The difference between those divers and you after these courses is when something goes wrong, such as silt out or loss of spatial awareness you will have the right tools in your toolkit to get out unscathed. You will be exposed to problems so realistic on these courses that you most likely won't even realize they are just a drill, giving you the best training that ensures you are familiar with the visual, situational and stress cues that are associated with a real problem on a cave dive.

On completion of this course, you will be certified to conduct dives in caves with extended penetrations of up to 1/3 of the gas available to you. 



- You must be certified as Advanced Nitrox and Decompression Procedures.

- You must be certified Full cave.

- You must have at least 25 full cave level dives.

- If diving sidemount you must have sidemount certification or be enrolled in a sidemount course. 

- You must complete a diving medical questionnaire



- Online theory course via E-Learning

- A comprehensive dive planning theory session in class

- A comprehensive equipment configuration and dry drills session

- Minimum 3 dives

- All dive site entry permits

- All Gases required for the course.

- Certification as a TDI Stage Cave Diver (on graduation)



- Any equipment hire. All equipment is available for hire. For example, a twinset rig is available for $110 a day, Canister light is $25 per day and a Shearwater deco computer is $20 per day. We also have capped price cave diving course gear hire for $399 and covers up to 6 days of courses!

- We do not hire anything that goes in your pocket, for example, Backup lights, finger spools or wet notes etc as they never get returned.