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So you love scuba diving, but your family don't understand it. We've all been there. 

But then you get up early and go for a dive the morning of the big family BBQ. You rock up at the BBQ with a couple of monster crayfish you'd have otherwise had to redraw on the mortgage to buy. 

Sounds great, but it's genuinely how most of our divers justify their dive gear purchases, and who are we to judge?

Come do the hunter-gatherer course and learn how to efficiently and humanely catch yourself a seafood dinner, without running afoul of the law.

We spend time teaching you the lifecycle and ecology of your prey, hunting techniques and finally compliance, where you learn all the rules associated with catching crays and abalone. Quite often a representative or PIRSA (fisheries) will make an appearance and help to make sure you know the rules and make their job easier (and probably more enjoyable).

The course is an afternoon of theory and a morning of diving, which makes it easy to schedule around other commitments and what you catch on course is yours to keep.


- Must be certified open water with at least 15 dives logged. (These are challenging dives)

- Must complete a diving medical questionnaire

- Must have done at least 3 dives in the last 6 months ( a refresher is available on application)



- Theory session 

- Techniques and dry drills session

- 2 ocean dives at our secret cray diving sites

- Certification as an SDI Underwater Hunter-Gatherer (on graduation)

- Shared use of snare and catch bag.



- Equipment hire is not included but available for $85 a day