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Come and complete a double dive in two of the region, if not the world's most distinctive dive sites.

Juxtapose the rich, green vegetation of Ewens ponds with the deep black of the dark penetrated by laser beams of light in Kilsby sinkhole.

Ewens Ponds is a spectacular series of three ponds fed by underground limestone springs and interconnected by shallow, amazingly beautiful channels. The water bubbling up from the perfectly white limestone springs has been filtered through rock for thousands of years and creates a clarity unlike anything you would have seen before. Because it is coming from underground it maintains a constant temperature of 16 degrees year-round and its clarity enables it to be one of the only places in the world where some land plants can be found growing underwater, just one of the reasons making this delicate and beautiful site so unique. The site is home to many fish species from saltwater species such as Bream, estuary species such as Estuary Perch, freshwater species such as Estuary Blackfish and Pouched Lampreys and even the endangered Ewens Pygmy Perch, a species that ONLY EXISTS in these ponds!


Kilsby's Sinkhole is located on Sisters Road Mount Schank which is just south of Mount Gambier. It is a large, very deep sinkhole located on a working sheep farm that has a very interesting history. It has been used by the Australian Navy to test experimental sonar buoys and by the SA Police to train police divers. This site is world renowned because of its often amazing visibility and depth. The site can be dived as deep as 70 meters (230 Ft) if you are a cave diver with Trimix certifications. After 11:00 the sun rises high enough to begin a spectacular light show that creates rays of light dancing from the surface down to 40m that has to be seen to be truly appreciated.

Reef2Ridge offer both Snorkelling and guided Scuba diving tours for Divers with Open Water or above Certification, If you have a Cavern diver or above, you will be permitted to go beyond the direct ascent zone into the deeper sections of the site (to the maximum depth of your certification OR 40M on AIR whichever is shallower). Scuba divers can hire all of the equipment they may need and will be supervised and guided the entire time. Ideally, a minimum of 24 hours notice is required to book a spot on this dive site and due to this being a working farm, strict access protocols exist. 



- All divers must be either certified open water diver or on an open water course with an R2R instructor.

- All divers must have done at least one dive in the previous 6 months (a refresher program is available on application)

- All participants must be at least 15 years of age.

- No Participant is to enter the property without a guide.



- Permit to dive Kilsby Sinkhole

- Permit to dive Ewens Ponds

- Transport to and from the site

- 2nd tank hire

- A guide to ensure you are as safe as possible, don't accidentally enter the cave zone or cause environmental damage and ensure you see all the best sights!



- Spectators are welcome but incur a spectator entry fee ($20)

- Scuba equipment rental is not included (additional $85)


All of our tours are cheaper if you bring a friend or two.