Ghost Mushroom Tour

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Join us on an eery tour in the pine forest at night to see a special natural phenomonen.

Every year in May the Ghost Mushroom flowers and produces masses of bioluminescent mushrooms that light up the forest floor in away that has to be seen to be believed.

Reef2Ridge is also also capable of offering Limited Mobility or Themed tours for interested groups where special equipment or conditions are required for participants. These tours will be run on a requested basis and can accommodate a wide range of needs and themes.

We recommend that all customers wear outdoor style footwear (sneakers or hiking boots) as the trails through the forest are uneven. Suitable warm clothing must also be warn. We recommend a warm jacket and a beanie. Ghost mushroom beanies and other merchandise are available for purchase from the shop on the night of the tour.

For the enjoyment of others, we ask that you leave the mushrooms as you find them. The chemicals in the mushrooms responsible for the glow are poisonous and can cause cramps and vomiting if ingested. Accidental touching however, is not harmful. 



- You must be able to walk 50m on uneven ground. (if not call the shop as we can arrange special limited mobility tours)

- You must have sturdy, enclosed footwear and clothing suitable for as low as 8 degrees celsius. 



- Transport to and from the Ghost Mushroom site. We can pick you up from your hotel.

- History and biology presentation on what makes the Ghost Mushroom special.

- Headlamps that can produce red light so you don't loose your night vision.

- A guide onsite to show you the best mushrooms and ensure your safety