Big Eyes Evolution

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The Big Eyes Evolution’s signature inverted tear-drop lenses

are raked inward and provide outstanding

field of view with very low internal volume.

A redesigned skirt now uses internal ribs to provide

the ultimate in fit and support. Fully flexible, easy adjust


are attached using Cressi’s double injection molding

technology for both comfort and extreme durability.


- Raked lenses provide excellent field-of-view

- Inverted tear-drop lenses improve downward visibility

for managing BC-mounted gear

- Low internal volume allows for effortless clearing

- Dual-density silicone skirt flexes

for a perfect seal along the face

and full support around the frame

- Ribbed facial skirt provides support

where needed for a soft, flexible fit

- Micrometric adjustable buckles

allow precise headband adjustments

- Swiveling buckles connect to flexible,

indestructible elastomer tabs for total durability

and comfort.